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Saving Account

Initial Amount To Open Savings Account

  • Rs.500

Rate of interest

  • 4.0%


  • Passbook Facility.
  • Any Branch Banking.
  • RTGS/ NEFT Facility.
  • Free SMS Alerts On Request.
  • Cheque Book Facility.
  • Standing Instructions.
  • DICGC Coverage.
  • Nomination Facility.

Documents to be submitted for Opening Savings Account.

  1. Individuals
    • Recent Photograph of the applicant customer.
    • Copy of PAN card.
    • Copy of Aadhar Card, passport, Driving License, Election ID Card (Any one.)
    • Proof of Residence such as Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Telephone Bill of landline (BSNL), Municipal tax bill and receipt(Any one)
    • If staying in rented premises than copy of rent agreement, or letter from society and copy of proof of resident from above.

  2. Association of Persons like Association, Trust, Club, Society etc.

    • Recent Photograph of all the office bearers with designation.
    • Copy of Registration certificate of competent authority.
    • Copy of Resolution for opening account with the Bank with a mandate for operation of account.
    • Copy of Bye-Laws of the Association, club and society. In case of trust, a copy of trust deed to be submitted.
    • Details of existing Banking arrangement.
    • Copy of PAN Card for society, Trust, Club etc. and proof of office of address.
    • Name and address with proof for all the office bearers.

Note : Original documents to be presented with copy for verification. Also open a No Frill Savings Account ( Zero Balance )